Rebecca Moesta“Warning: Once you start reading Babylon Confidential you may not be able stop until the last page. Babylon Confidential offers mesmerizing insight into the allure of success, the pressures of Hollywood, the pitfalls of love, and the nature of addiction.”

Rebecca Moesta, New York Times Bestselling Young Adult Author (Crystal Doors series, 14 Star Wars novels and the Young Jedi Knights series)

Shari Shattuck"Fearless and inspiring. Claudia not only remembers the torturous calamities of her life, as well as the highs, but she recalls them here with skill, grace, and utterly no apology. If you have an addiction, or know someone who does, you must read this book."

Shari Shattuck, Actress (The Young and the Restless and Babylon 5) and Author of the Callaway Wilde novels

Kevin J. Anderson"Babylon Confidential is compelling, horrifying, and uplifting. Claudia Christian has an amazing story of glitz and darkness and ultimately a journey as strange and exciting as any of her films."

Kevin J. Anderson, New York Times Best-Selling Author of critically acclaimed novels in the Dune (with Brian Herbert), Star Wars, and X-Files universes as well as original works Saga of Seven Suns series, the Terra Incognita trilogy, the Dan Shamble Zombie PI series, and Clockwork Angels: The Novel (with Neil Peart).

Pat Tallman"The dashing and darling Claudia puts herself on the line with her struggles with addiction. Claudia shares and bares it all to help everyone else.... A must-read for fans and for folks dealing with any kind of addiction."

Pat Tallman, Actress (starred in Babylon 5 and Night of the Living Dead), Stuntwoman, and Author of Pleasure Thresholds

Walter Koenig"This story is a runaway train on a roller coaster rail. Told with brutal honesty, Claudia takes us on a trip through a life of sex, drugs, despair, betrayal, courage, humor, love and triumph. She has lived it all and she's inviting us along for the ride. Hold on to your hat!"

Walter Koenig ("Pavel Chekov" in the original Star Trek TV series and films as well as "Alfred Bester" in Babylon 5)

John David Sinclair, PhD“I was gratified my method of alcoholism treatment could play a part in Claudia's journey from addiction to successful recovery. This vivid and insightful book can help save others suffering from this disease."

John David Sinclair, PhD, Founder of The Sinclair Method for the treatment of alcohol addiction

Clare Kramer"Claudia's exposé levels with the reader about the truth behind alcoholism and her amazing recovery using the little known Sinclair method. Combining raw humor and checking her ego at the door, Claudia's James Frey-like voice takes the reader on a wild ride through her early days in Hollywood to a lonely bus stop in Studio City four years ago.  Read, laugh and learn… But most importantly, share – to save a life."

Clare Kramer, Producer & Actress

Roy Eskapa, PhD"Babylon Confidential is riveting – it is a great book filled with humor, warmth and compassion. I was by deeply impressed by Claudia's courageous life story and I was grateful that I could play a role in helping her. I know this book will save lives and help families effected by alcoholism."

Roy Eskapa, PhD, Author of The Cure for Alcoholism: The Medically Proven Way to Eliminate Alcohol Addiction

Mira Furlan"I’ve just finished your book and am delighted by it. It’s funny, intelligent, honest and brave. It moved me, made me laugh and cry. Beautiful! Love to you and a triple BRAVO!"

Mira Furlan ("Ambassador Delenn" in Babylon 5 and "Danielle Rousseau" in LOST)

Cecila Dart-Thornton"I've [read a pre-publication copy of] Babylon Confidential and frankly, I couldn't put it down. The darned book had me up all night. It's *rivetting*. I loved it."

Cecila Dart-Thornton, best-selling author of The Bitterbynde Trilogy and The Crowthistle Chronicles.

Neil Gaimen"An honest, page-turning insight into alcoholism and the road back out."

Neil Gaiman, New York Times Bestselling Author (American Gods, Sandman, Coraline, Stardust, The Graveyard Book)

Stephen Michael Cox"[Babylon Confidential] is from the heart, succinct, clear, and gives hope where there is none."

Stephen Michael Cox, MD, President, National Anxiety Foundation

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5 Star Rating Read this book!
By Melanie Strong

I'd been looking forward to reading this book for months. Claudia is one of the actresses I most admire. This book is a very intimate look at her life. She talks about her family, her career, her loves and most importantly her battle with alcoholism.

For me the part that touched me the most was when she discussed her decent into alcoholism. She talked about her "monster" the way it would always pull at her low self-esteem. It was interesting to see how her triggers were similar to my own. Claudia has been talking about the Sinclair Method for quite a while now but it wasn't until reading this book that I understood what that meant.

The need to keep drinking once you start is something that plagues alcoholics and something which over the years I've felt from time to time. The constant battle between periods of extended abstinence and then bouts of drinking binges that she talks about is something that I've seen time and time again in people with alcoholism. Often their friends ask how they can go back to drinking. The method in the book is a chemical, a pill that you take before you drink. Unlike other alcohol "cures" this treats the physical addiction; it works on reducing the cravings. It has an 80 percent success rate. It was fascinating to read Claudia's first-hand account of how after taking the pill before drinking the need to keep drinking after that first glass disappeared. It sounds like one of those things that is too good to be true. But considering how much money is made from the recovery industry I think it is probably not in their best interest to promote this method.

To me the latter half of the book talking about addiction and recovery really hit home. But I don't want to give the impression that the book is all about serious issues. Claudia is a very funny woman and this comes across in book. There are many funny stories of her experiences working on different shows (and some stories about the misogynistic tendencies of famous actors you will really shocked by)! as well as some very funny stories about experiences with fans.

Claudia is a woman who has experienced loss and suffering but also the life of the rich and famous. Throughout it all she has remained strong and independent. I'm not normally one to enjoy "celebrity autobiographies" but this book is so much more than that. I would very highly recommend this book to all her fans and to anyone, whether a fan or not, who has had their own battles with alcoholism or has a loved one who has.

5 Star Rating Simply put, I love this book
By Brian F. C. Wilson (Madison, WI)

Normally I prefer my written entertainment to be along the sci-fi or fantasy lines, but since Claudia has been such a wonderful and memorable actress, I decided to pre-order this book.

I've thoroughly enjoyed every chapter. I've had laughter, and tears, and gotten emotional and yelled at the book because it pulled me into Claudia's dramatic life story so fully. Thank you to Claudia for sharing so much of yourself here.

I think this book is a great read for anyone interested in Claudia's life journey, her career, or in the amazingly twisty world that Hollywood appears to be. My recommendation - buy yourself a copy, dive in and lose yourself in Claudia's story from the beginning right through to the end of this book.

5 Star Rating A difficult journey candidly described...
By A. Hartman (Keansburg, NJ)

I read the book during the hurricane disaster, getting it the day of the hurricane...

I have no connection to alcohol addiction. I guess I got lucky to avoid that, and drug addiction as well. I dealt with other addictions in my life. So, I have some connection and sympathy with what Ms. Christian was wrestling with.

I've found the book to be quite candid and well written. We look at models and actresses and admire them for their beauty. We think their life must be golden. They have it all Looks, fame, acting in our favorite shows and movies, and then there's reality. Claudia pulls the curtain back to show us that no matter how much we might think she had it made, she really didn't. She fought hard to keep herself afloat.

I'm thankful she found a way to get off the addiction treadmill. I hope she is now happy and healthy and enjoying life.

There's a lot to learn in this book. And a lot to celebrate. I wish her all the best in life, and with this book.

5 Star Rating Finally an Intelligent Answer
By V. Evans (Las Vegas, Nevada)

I bought this book to further my research about The Sinclair Method. I was so happy for Claudia Christian to find a way out of the dark world of addiction. We need more courageous people like her to stand up the Addiction Treatment in this country.

5 Star Rating Great Book
By Roberto Casso (Houston, TX)

A great book, hard to put down.... I enjoyed it and read it in one day. It has a surprise ending that will change the lives of many people.

Babble On Podcast (BOP) Review

Susan Ivanova is an archtype. She’s defining. If you’ve seen even one episode of Babylon 5 odds are that she will be one of the first people that come to mind whenever you think of strong, resilient SF characters. Mal Reynolds and Aeryn Sun owe her a debt; where they tread, Ivanova walked first. Whenever she succeeded in her endeavours she won big; whenever she fell, she fell hard. But every time she did she picked herself up, dusted herself off, and survived to fight another day and in doing so became far more than iconic; she became inspiring. Perhaps it shouldn’t come as a huge surprise, therefore, that she shares these traits in common with the actor who shares her face.

If you have an image of Claudia Christian in your head it’s almost certainly not the one which opens her autobiography. For most of her fans it will be a stern gaze, a wry smile and the crisp blues of an Earthforce uniform; for others it might be the seductive smiles and lingerie of her glossy photo-shoots or the facepaint and fierce warrior pride of Skyrim’s Aela the Huntress. But the Claudia that greets us at the start of Babylon Confidential is a far cry from this romantic imagery; she’s bundled up in street clothes and sitting a bus stop, sweating and shaking whilst she gulps down a hastily-mixed cocktail of vodka and orange juice purchased moments before at a liquor store, feeding the beast that’s slowly killing her. And this simple, disturbing snapshot of a life that’s ending one sip at a time is amongst the least harrowing revelations present in what has to be one of the most compelling confessionals ever committed to paper.

Christian is a writer with an agenda. For five years she battled alcoholism, one of the most horrific, insidious and damaging diseases on the planet and now, having successfully beaten it into submission with a little-known treatment known as The Sinclair Method, she wants to spread the word in the hope that others may find the same peace. In doing so she shares the details of her life and the events which allowed her affliction – which she refers to throughout, quite appropriately, as the monster – to take root. From early tragedies which struck at her family to lapses in judgement in her adult life Christian refuses sugar-coat the truth, soften any blows or pull any punches; every bottle of booze, every line of cocaine, every destructive relationship and personal sorrow is laid bare and raw so that the reader understands: this is how the monster gets you.

Of course, as the thousands of fans who have had the pleasure of her company at one of the many conventions and expos that she attends each year will confirm, Christian is far from a melancholy soul. Alongside the lows there are a dizzying array of highs: friends, lovers, parties, successes and celebrations are documented in equal detail. Claudia loves fun, friendship, food and fornication and is resolutely (and beautifully) unapologetic about it. Some revelations are surprising, others outright astounding, but all come completely free from regret; Christian owns her pleasures every bit as much as her mistakes and doggedly demonstrates the resilience which helped her conquer her disease. And that, ultimately, is the message of the book: that no matter how dark things get there is always hope.

Babylon Confidential is essential reading for anyone who has ever fought a personal demon. Claudia Christian is an archtype. She’s defining. She’s survived, and in doing so became far more than iconic; she became inspiring. [MD]

Review originally posted at:

5 Star Rating Great Read
By Edward

Overall an amazing look at alcholism. Also a sometimes brutally honest look at a life that has been at times blessed and at times seemingly cursed and the struggle that brought Claudia through it all.

Very funny at times, very heartbreaking other times, but overall an uplifting, inspiring read.

5 Star Rating Best Memoir I've Ever Read
By Kathleen Gallegos (Aurora, IL)

I have never seen Babylon 5, but I like to read Memoirs and I always thought Claudia Christian seemed like a really cool person. This memoir blew my socks off. Amazingly candid and honest. Things you would normally only tell a best girl friend-she has put out for the world to see, all to help others. Bravo to her. What an amazing woman. Her story is engrossing, entertaining and inspiring-I could not put it down. I am so glad David is still in her life-they seemed so great together. Claudia-one day I hope you are able to believe that you are worthy of being loved and let yourself go with it. Maybe with David?! If not him, he is certainly the right caliber of man. I wish you nothing but blessings-thank you for this book-it is a gift to the world.

5 Star Rating Ironic, poignant
By Galen Johnson (Seattle, WA)

Claudia Christian's engrossing autobiography makes a convincing case for her as an endlessly fascinating human being, capable of brilliance in her work, yet driven to make mostly the "wrong" decisions in her personal life. It's harrowing and fascinating, propelled by a self-deprecating humor that keeps the book fresh and involving. It even has a redemptive ending!

5 Star Rating Wonderfully Poignant Message of Hope
By Elle Frederick

Claudia bravely takes us with her through the storm to show us the way to the rainbow that is The Sinclair Method.

A MUST read for anyone who is themselves dealing with the struggle of addiction or who's loved one is.

5 Star Rating
By DigitalDerelict

Claudia Christian is a wonderful actress and genuinely charming person in general. In Babylon Confidential she pulls back the curtain and reveals even more about her life and personal struggles. Although Claudia has lived a life more priviledged than most of us she illustrates that no one is immune from the grasp of addiction. Anyone who has had trouble with addiction can easily relate to this story and hopefully draw some comfort from it knowing there is light at the end of the tunnel. I can not recommend this book enough.

5 Star Rating Nothing Is Ever Easy
By William Grother (Robbinsville, New Jersey)

I have problems. My life has not always gone the way I would like. I have run into my fair share of troubles, created by outside forces or imposed upon me by my own short-sightedness and stupidity. Things have been pretty bumpy along the way, but I have muddled through.

And then I read this book, Babylon Confidential, and it made me realize: I haven't been through anything!

I was peripherally aware of the lovely & talented Claudia Christian through her early work in television but did not embrace her until she landed the plum role of Cmdr. Susan Ivanova on Babylon 5; for any science fiction aficionado, she was a gift from the gods. Her character was that hard-to-elucidate blend of strong & vulnerable, a character with iron in her backbone but a sensitive side that only peered out in the right circumstances. You could chalk it up to simply excellent writing, but Ms. Christian gave that character a vibe that so many other actors would have been unable to evince. You could not help but feel Susan Ivanova pouring out of the screen.

Of course, I -- and so many of my fellow science fiction enthusiasts -- had no idea of the personal struggles Ms. Christian was going through, nor those things that were the genesis of her ability to portray such a character. Perhaps we just assumed she was like other Hollywood types and that was that.

This book tells us otherwise.

It is at times memoir, at times confessional. It may glide along, but when she opens up to us at the most vulnerable moments of her life, she drags us right in, and we are steeped in the moment. Names are dropped, big names, not as titillation, but more as framing, to show us the milieu in which she was enjoined. We ride the tough road of her life, from magic to heart-wrenching moments; we are left pondering just how so much could have happened, and so much have gone awry. It is gripping, to the degree that it took a hurricane to get me to put it down, and then only temporarily!

You are left with the sense that we are lucky to still have Ms. Christian among us, that but for a tiny tweak to the left or right, this would be an after-the-fact tell-all and not the soulful book it is. Struggles with rape, with misogyny, with trying to define her own life on her own terms, miscarriages, and the final climactic battle with alcohol... despite knowing she has penned this book, you are rooting for her all the way. So, if you are feeling like your life is hard and your challenges insurmountable, I recommend this book, because it will show you how a positive and directed force of will can overcome anything, even when pushed to the very brink of destruction. Claudia Christian is a survivor and in her salvation lie the seeds of our salvation, too.

5 Star Rating The end of the book is the most important and is also a new beginnings.

I could not put down this book and read it in record time, for me. While 90% of it is about an incredible life of success, failure and surprises in all aspects of her life the last 10% offers hope for those fighting the alcohol demon or know someone who is. It presents a viable, successful option for fighting alcoholism. It took guts to write this book. A must read.

Helen Angela Lee - BellaOnline's SciFi TV Editor

A colorful and fascinating read. Its strength is Christian’s unapologetic demeanor, her no-holds-barred tell-all attitude, and her clear desire to help others who have gone through hell and back. She does a good job of mixing her story with insight and humor, and she makes her world seem both intensely intimate and larger than life...I would recommend it to fans and non-fans alike who might be interested in her personal journey. I finished it in a day.

5 Star Rating An engrossing read on many levels.
By David C. Broussard (Cibolo, TX)

When I first heard that Claudia Christian was going to write a memoir, I was very excited to get a chance to read it. My wife and I had been big fans of Babylon 5 and met Claudia at a convention in Houston in the early 2000's. I wasn't sure what to expect, but if it gave me an insight into her life I would read it. I did some acting until I was about 18 and always loved theater. I never aspired to be a professional actor and I had never read a memoir of an actor and I was anxious to learn more about how she came to portray the character that we so liked.

I suppose that we all have struggles in our lives, and I can freely admit that after reading her biography, Claudia has had some terrible struggles. Some I can identify with, and others I cannot. I can say that I was moved to tears on more than one occasion while reading of the events that shaped her life. I can certainly now better understand the allure of the Hollywood lifestyle...and how it so easily can destroy a person. Artists are tortured souls under any circumstances, for it is often the tortured nature of their psyche that allows them to create art in the first place. Those very same demons can so easily lead to addiction of so many types. It is a wonder that we don't lose so many more artists too young.

Perhaps the best part about this book is that it is told in an easy conversational style. I felt that we were sitting in my living room and Claudia was simply telling me her story about life, loves, her dog, anecdotes about being in the biz...and it was blunt, honest and open the way that a real friend would tell you of their problems in life. I can say, with all honesty, that the book was difficult to read in places because I came to see Claudia as a friend and I wanted her to be happy...and the pathway that leads one into addiction is not a happy path. Still, the story was told honestly and in such a way that I knew the ending was going to be OK. Not perfect...because life isn't...but OK.

If you want to read a story about what life in Hollywood is like for a teenager...its in there. If you want to read about what life is like for a movie/tv star that travels the world to exotic locales and meets famous people...its in there.

If you want to read about how that very lifestyle can tear you apart and undermine everything about yourself...its in there. And most importantly, if you want to read about what it takes to turn that around...its in there. This is a hopeful book that lets us know that our experiences define us, but they don't have to control us.

5 Star Rating Blown away.
By Tiana

I've been a fan of Claudia's since a friend shoved the first season of Babylon 5 into my hands and told me I had to watch it. From the beginning, I was drawn to Commander Ivanova, this strong, self-sufficient woman who didn't take crap from anyone. I still use the Babylon 5 mantra as a warning to people who try and push me.

When I heard about this book coming out, my first reaction was surprise; I didn't realize the huge battle Claudia was fighting behind the scenes. Then I felt a pang of recognition, as my genetic signature tends toward alcoholism. I haven't become an addict myself, but I'm always aware that if the circumstances fell the right way, it would be so easy for me to travel that path. So I pre-ordered as soon as this book became available. Amusingly enough, I received my copy the day before I was scheduled to do an under-five part in a television show shooting locally, so I brought it along with me to set, knowing I'd probably have a lot of downtime to read. I was correct, and finished it moments before getting called.

As a student of history, I love autobiographies and journals; I prefer to know what people think about their situations, in their own words. Claudia's a great narrator of her life, looking at all circumstances with the wry sense of humor her fans know and love, and she did a marvelous job of keeping her stories focused, which I enjoyed; scattered narrative annoys me. More than once, I felt myself cringing a little as I saw her work and hopes build so high, because I knew something was going to happen to cut her legs out from under her, and I wanted so badly to be wrong.

Babylon Confidential gives Claudia the voice to speak to people like me who are toeing the same path she's walked, and people like friends of mine who are addicts of all sorts, and people who want to understand the mind of an addict. It's a dark, scary place to be. Claudia's given us a light, a life line to hold onto. She's beaten back her monster; there's hope for everyone else. Thank you, Claudia, for allowing us such a personal look into your life.

5 Star Rating The end of the book is the most important part and is also a new begining.
By Scott B. Roberts

I could not put down this book and read it in record time, for me. While 90% of it is about an incredible life of success, failure and surprises in all aspects of her life the last 10% offers hope for those fighting the alcohol demon or know someone who is. It presents a viable, successful option for fighting alcoholism. It took guts to write this book. A must read.

5 Star Rating A personal story about overcoming an addiction & life's turn of events that define who you are!
By Don Pealer

Babylon Confidential: A Memoir of Love, Sex, and Addiction is an inspirational, well-written narrative by actress Claudia Christian about her odyssey along the crests and ebbs of the turbulent waves generated in life, and the gripping battle with her metaphoric monster-alcoholism-which she conquered through a determined will to live intertwined with an alternative medical treatment known as The Sinclair Method. Christian's recount of her walkabout from an early traumatic childhood to achieving the life-long dream of being part of the Hollywood film/television industry is told with honesty, intelligence, and a humorous wit that will bring the reader to experience moments of solace, laughter as well as heart-stricken sadness when the final page is turned. It also provides an insightful look of not only of Hollywood's overt glamour and free-spirited lifestyle, but its ugliness and manipulation that festers underneath. Some readers and fans may be surprised or even shocked about the revelations revealed by the author through the chapters of this book. Is this autobiography a means for confession or attonement of her past sins or regrets? Maybe but it also presents a greater message. It was from her determination, even against all adversity, that she refused from becoming just another statistic for alcoholism or of the many actresses chewed up and discarded by Hollywood's meat grinder. Through Claudia Christian's courage for going public about her battle with alcoholism and finding an alternative medical treatment that works, many others afflicted with this same disease can finally find hope through a medical solution with a higher success rate. Highly recommended for reading!

5 Star Rating Just great.
By Steven Watts

I recieved my copy on friday the 26th of october and finished it by 8pm sunday night, I could not put it down. I laughed, I cringed, I wanted to cry . Claudia layed her life out for us and showed us how choices and desisions can take some one from the top of the world to the depths of hell and back again. She's alway been one of my favorite actresses and my respect for her has risen to a new high after learning of her struggles and victory over her monster. I highly recommend this book to any one suffering through thier own battles or anyone just looking for the inspireation to carry on with thier own life.

5 Star Rating One of the most emotional books I've ever read.
By John Thomas Hill (Spindale, NC)

Rarely do I find a book that is hard to put down, but this one was one of that rare breed, and the emotional ride that Claudia takes you through while detailing her life is one that makes you realize how amazing a person she is to overcome her demons that have claimed so many others. It is a definite read for those who are struggling with the disease of alcoholism, and also for those family and friends of those suffering from the disease as well. It could have easily claimed Claudia, but through the Sinclair Method, she managed to overcome her disease and begin living life the way she wants again.

5 Star Rating Heart wrenching story of success, failure, and final victory.
By Robert Rapplean (Denver, CO)

Babylon Confidential is a gripping book that had me thrilled with Claudia's successes, aghast at the machinations of Hollywood, and horrified with the lengths to which her addiction drove her. Many of her stories involving other celebrities were fascinating. The way that she presented both the events and her feelings about them with unrelenting openness made reading the book a very enriching experience. I can highly recommend it.

Despite her having been dragged by her addiction through some of the the deeper ditches in hell, this is the only non-fiction book involving alcoholism I know of with a truly happy ending. If this were fiction, I would call the sudden shift to being able to control and eventually eliminate her alcoholism to be deus ex machina. Life is stranger than fiction, though, and I've witnessed dozens of others benefit similarly from the treatment she describes.

5 Star Rating What you did not know.
By R.T. Van Pelt

What you did not know about Claudia, is a lot. This is the most unflinching memoir I have ever seen. It is funny, heart felt, it will make you weep. And it will give you hope. If the demon you face is addiction, it will bring you what you need, help.

5 Star Rating An Amazing Read - Highly Recommended!
By M. Thau (Colorado, USA)

Claudia has lived a life of significantly greater highs and lows than most of us ever dream about... much less experience. What is interesting is that the innumerable tragedies she suffered through would have broken and killed nearly all of us. Claudia not only managed to survive but thrive. Her story is one of the very few that appeals to men and women alike; to those who love and hate sci-fi; and to anyone who has faced serious challenges in life. To my astonishment, I was personally, deeply affected by her story and am a better person after reading it.

I cannot recommend Babylon Confidential strongly enough and I am an exceptionally tough critic when it comes to autobiographies!

5 Star Rating Holy Moly!
N. Franklin

When I first read all the blurbs about "compelling" and "roller coaster ride" I figured they were probably exaggerating just a bit, as blurbs typically do, but now having read the whole book I have to say the blurbs are pretty accurate! This book really is intense. I was sitting with my wife (who was reading a newspaper) and I was reading Babylon Confidential... every few pages I would blurt out "Oh my God! Oh my God!" It's just one thing after another! However, I am happy to report that all's well that ends well. If you're a fan of Babylon 5 (as I am) this book does include Claudia's experiencing as part of the cast and explains why she was not included in the final year. Just to be clear though, the book isn't exclusively about Babylon 5. That's only part of the story. It is about Claudia's life from her childhood to the present... her relationships and her struggle with alcohol addiction... and that is plenty for it to be about, believe me. Definitely a compelling roller coaster ride!

5 Star Rating Must read! Deeply personal and engaging message of hope.
By Tracy Herrick

Babylon Confidential is an incredible story of hope that grabbed me by the heart strings almost from the first page. Moments of gut-wrenching loss, both inClaudia's childhood and adult life are described in such vivid detail that I couldn't help but cry. At other times, I just couldn't stop laughing. Most of her fans, like me, have already experienced Claudia's amazing talent for spinning a funny story, with her excellent sense of comedic timing and her flare for unique and sometimes shockingly creative analogies. This book has plenty of that.

It gives rare insight into the lives and personalities of people who are no longer with us, like Dodi Fayed, Gary Devore, Lana Clarkson and Jeff Conaway. It shows Hollywood life not just at its shiniest, but also at its darkest and, in some cases, scariest. One thing that Claudia Christian does not do in this book is gloss over or shy away from her own fallibility. She lives, she laughs, she cries out in pain, she loves deeply, she gets angry, she dreams big and she makes mistakes. She's brutally honest about all of it. She's real. That's why, when she's on the floor retching her guts out and hallucinating at the hands of her alcoholism, it's really hard to make that moral judgment so many of us are guilty of, especially with celebrities. Rather than dismiss her as some Hollywood addiction cliché, you're right there pulling for her to find some way, any way back out. I'll be honest. I wanted to punch her "monster" directly in the face. Then, just when you think all is lost, she finds The Sinclair Method. It saves her life and motivates her to spread the word in order to save others the years of struggle she had to endure.

Babylon Confidential, once you start reading it, is very difficult to put down, not just because it is well written, which it is, but because putting it down would be like walking away from a heart to heart conversation with a friend. It's a brave story about having hope, clinging to it in the bleakest, most excruciating moments, and ultimately wanting to share it with others. If you are a fan of Claudia's, if you're a fan of Babylon 5, if you have an addiction, if you know someone who has an addiction or if you just need to know that no matter how bad things get, there's still hope for you and for your life, read this book.

5 Star Rating A must read for anyone whos family has been touched by alcoholism.
T. Schulman (Staten Island, NY)

I just finished reading Claudia Christian's new book Babylon Confidential (it came today and took me 5 hours). In it Claudia shares her journey as an alcoholic and her eventual recovery after finding out about and using The Sinclair Method. The Sinclair Method is a non-abstinence based method that uses a medication called naltrexone. It has helped many people regain their lives back from the alcoholism.

As an adult child of an alcoholic I find this very interesting and wonder if this medication protocol would have been able to help my Mom. Please spread the word about The Sinclair Method if it helps one person reclaim their life from alcohol it's worth your time.

I am so thankful to Claudia for being brave enough to share her story.

5 Star Rating Could not put it down.
By Michael H. (Suwanee, GA)

Received the book yesterday and sat down this morning to start reading it. I could not put it down .. made my breakfast and ate it while reading and then my lunch. Excellent read .. thank you Claudia!

5 Star Rating A must read for anyone!
By Liz

Whether you or someone you know suffers from addiction, you're a Babylon 5 fan, or even if you're someone who is just interseted in people's stories, Babylon Confidential is perfect. With not a single dull moment in the entire book, Claudia shares an incredibly intimate and shocking look into her life. I've already read this book multiple times and I truly would recommend it to anyone. Just a warning, you won't be able to stop once you start reading!