I was 16 when I fled a troubled childhood and moved to Hollywood. It was like stepping through the looking glass into another world.

From the set of Dallas to my starring role on the sci-fi series Babylon 5, my affairs with billionaires, supermodels, rock stars, and celebrities were mixed with shootings, stalking, heartbreak, and betrayal.

On set and off, drama followed me – an alcohol-fueled coke run and makeout session with a bridesmaid on my wedding day; my tempestuous, love-hate relationship with actor Angus Macfadyen; the conspiracy theories surrounding my ex-husband's death; and a 20-year on-and-off relationship with billionaire Dodi Fayed before he dated Princess Diana.

Hollywood life finally took its toll and I descended into alcohol addiction and a desperate battle to reclaim my life.

Rehab, alternative treatments, and even hypnotism couldn't break the cycle of alcohol abuse that threatened to destroy my life and career. Close to despair, I discovered The Sinclair Method, a treatment that saved my life.

Sometimes shocking, often humorous, always captivating, Babylon Confidential is my story – a story of hope that I pray will inspire you and help save lives.


Who is Claudia Christian?

Claudia Christian has worked as an actress for over 30 years. She is determined to raise awareness of The Sinclair Method, a revolutionary treatment for alcohol addiction. Since her own recovery, she has chosen to devote her life to helping alcoholics worldwide.

Claudia is open and honest about how alcoholism nearly destroyed her life and is sharing her own story in Babylon Confidential in the hope that it will help save the lives of others suffering from addiction.

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