Why did you write this book?
I wrote Babylon Confidential to help others. By sharing the highs and lows of my life I map the path of how I came to suffer alcohol addiction and also how I overcame it by way of The Sinclair Method, a treatment that literally saved my life. I want other people suffering from addiction to know that The Sinclair Method can help them too.

What is The Sinclair Method?
The Sinclair Method is the most successful treatment for alcoholism in the world. Read more in the resources section.

Can I get you to speak about your story and addiction or The Sinclair Method at my company or organisation?
Yes. Please read the author section.

Will there be an audio book version?
Yes there will be, I’m recording it in October, 2012.

Did you really get shot by a fan dressed as a tribble?
Sure did. Read more about it in my book.

Will there be electronic versions?
Indeed! Check this site and my blog, we’ll post links to them as they come out.

Did you really date George Clooney, Dodi Fayed, and Billy Idol?
Sure did. I prefer to answer questions about The Sinclair Method, which is my main motivation in writing Babylon Confidential, but I have mentioned those events in my book as they are part of my story and help show my particular journey into addiction and the road back out.

Can I talk to you about my own addiction?
Yes, but please read the contact section first.