Claudia ChristianClaudia Christian is an actress, writer, singer, songwriter, director, producer, and voice-over artist. She landed her first TV series at age 18 with NBC's Berringers and her first studio feature at 20 in the cult hit The Hidden. Christian went on to star in studio pictures such as Clean and Sober with Morgan Freeman and Michael Keaton and in TV shows such as sci-fi megahit Babylon 5.

More than 50 films and hundreds of TV shows later, Christian has worked with George Clooney, Sharon Stone, Nicolas Cage, and countless other luminaries. She was the voice for Jaguar cars and Helga Sinclair in Disney's Atlantis: The Lost Empire. Christian recently starred in the Showtime series Look and has appeared on NBC's hit cult series, Grimm, CBS' Criminal Minds, and in the Lifetime movie, "The Wrong Woman." Most recently, Christian appeared in a John Wells Production called Prodigy/Bully, a series pilot for the FOX network. She is also a popular voiceover talent and can be heard in many popular video games such as Skyrim, Guild Wars, and Halo 4.


Claudia is a leading spokesperson for The Sinclair Method. She is a highly experienced and inspiring public speaker.

Claudia is an experienced commentator on:

  • The nature and science of addiction
  • The methodology of The Sinclair Method
  • Sharing her own personal experience in overcoming addiction
  • Discussing addiction and the entertainment industry.

Claudia can explain:

  • Who is a suitable candidate for The Sinclair Method.
  • How to start working with The Sinclair Method (without giving individual medical advice).
  • How The Sinclair Method compares to other treatments for alcohol addiction.

Morgan Grant BuchananMorgan Grant Buchanan is an Australian writer of sci-fi and historical fantasy. He writes comics (Disciple, Zero Assasin), film (Barrier, 2010) and short stories (The Laws of Attraction with Nick DiChario) and is currently collaborating with Claudia Christian on Wolf's Empire, a future Rome sci-fi novel.

Morgan is a 3rd generation Cheng style tai chi practitioner and teacher with 20 years experience and lives in Melbourne, Australia with his sons Calum & Liam and wife Dr. Catherine Buchanan, an astrophysicist at Melbourne University.